LYCHEE Fruit Puree [MONIN] 1L
  • LYCHEE Fruit Puree [MONIN] 1L

LYCHEE Fruit Puree [MONIN] 1L


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An ancient Chinese fruit, Lychee is the fruit of a tropical and sub-tropical tree that lives in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

You can add a delicate fragrant taste of the Orient in the Cocktails, lemonades, teas and purees you prepare with Monin Lychee puree.

The taste of this amazing fruit is sensual, very sweet, reminiscent of Muscat roses and grapes.

The combination of Lychee with Rose (Rose) will definitely bring you the night taste of Far Eastern cultures.

Recommended for: Lemonades, Cocktails, Teas, Smoothies.

► Perfect for commercial or household use

► Ideal for professional mixologists

► Use natural ingredients

► Easy to store

LYCHEE Fruit Puree [MONIN] 1L

LYCHEE Fruit Puree [MONIN] 1L

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The new Monin Le Fruit purees are natural, they are intended for professionals in the Horeca industry - bars, cafes, hotels, etc. and have a wide range of uses.

After peeling the red-pink peel, we discover the interior: cream-white pulp, with a grape-like texture, with a floral scent and a sweet, aromatic taste.

The first records of lychee consumption in China date back to 2000 BC. and it was certainly a delicacy in the Chinese Imperial Court, where to ensure the freshness of the fruit, they were transported by express.

Today they are widely available from fresh to canned fruit.

Fresh lychees are available from November to January and are added to fish dishes and oriental desserts.

This Lychee puree is made from what we consider to be the best Litchi / Lychee in the world, the Hey Ye variety from China.

Offers flavors that can be the perfect ingredient for delicious oriental cocktails.

Sweetened fruit puree.

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This dosing pump is easily installed by threading on Piure Monin 1L bottles.

Allows you to get identical doses of puree in all your drinks without the risk of differences in taste between two dishes.

Dose 15ml of puree


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