PEACH Fruit Puree [MONIN] 1L
  • PEACH Fruit Puree [MONIN] 1L

PEACH Fruit Puree [MONIN] 1L


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Peaches, according to legend, were consumed by the immortals in China because the supposed mystical power of the fruit gave a long life to its consumer.

The taste, color, aroma and texture of monin peach puree are exactly the same as fresh peeled and peeled peaches.

Because peaches only grow in summer, it's quite expensive in the off-season, so if you want to use peaches in cocktails, it's a good idea to remove Monin peach puree.

The MONIN Peach puree blend, made from ripe peaches ripe in the Mediterranean, makes Bellinide unforgettable!

► Perfect for commercial or household use

► Ideal for professional mixologists

► Use natural ingredients

► Easy to store

PEACH Fruit Puree [MONIN] 1L

PEACH Fruit Puree [MONIN] 1L

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The new 100% natural Monin purees are for professionals in the Horeca industry - bars, cafes, hotels, etc. and has a wide range of uses and can be used for cocktails, fresh, teas, juices, purees and other preparations.

Le Fruit by MONIN Peaches allows you to create tasty recipes such as Smoothies or Martinis. I like to shake it with blueberry juice and vodka or add it to sparkling wine.

Offers flavors that can be the perfect ingredient for delicious oriental cocktails.

Sweetened fruit puree.

HALAL Quality Control.


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1 L
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This dosing pump is easily installed by threading on Piure Monin 1L bottles.

Allows you to get identical doses of puree in all your drinks without the risk of differences in taste between two dishes.

Dose 15ml of puree


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