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Interesting Things...

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    Books for Bartenders!

    A good bartender's book is essential for both amateurs and professionals.

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  • Coffee


    One cup a day can be good for your body.

    Specialty Coffee versus Blend Coffee

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  • Wine

    WINE accessories!

    Wide range of glasses, corks, gift sets and other kinds of Wine Accessories.

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  • Straws

    Straws for Juices!

    Available in Plastic, Metal, Glass, some BIOdegradable or even Edible. Flexible / straight, short / long, thin / thick, wrapped in foil or paper

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  • Ospatari

    For Waiters / Serving!

    Special products for the profession of Waiter / Server, at convenient prices

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  • Papyrus

    Company with Pedigree

    What do you think about a business history from 2010? Credibility?

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