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Price / piece.

(The bag is empty (!), you can order the utensils and accessories separately.)

This ROLL type bag is the perfect partner of any bartender.

Made of  PVC, provided with handle and removable shoulder strap.

With the help of the elastic bands inside, you can organize all the utensils and accessories in their place.

It is equipped with ventilation holes on both sides, in this way you avoid moisture inside.

With this bag you will be able to carry all essential utensils and accessories.

It is sold without utensils, so you don't have to buy duplicates of the already existing utensils.

(*The pictures are for informational purposes only.)

Clean ONLY with a wet cloth.

lei 254.10 Price
AMARENA [LUCIANO] Cocktail Cherry Quick view
  • On sale!
  • -4%


Price / piece.

Informative: 12 pieces / set.

Cherry Cocktail Cherries, ideal for cocktail decoration / Garnish for food or ice cream / desserts.

Amarena cherries are small and bitter (Italian - Amara), they are darker in color than normal cherries.

These cherries have been selected from the best quality cultivated in Italy and are stored in a sweet syrup.

They are ideal for cocktails such as Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Martini, etc. as well as for culinary or ice cream products.

lei 31.36 Regular price lei 32.67 Price

BALL Garnish Pick (10pcs...

Price / set.

The set contains 10 pieces.

Ornamental toothpicks made of stainless metal and tip with BALL, GOLD color, for a Martini or Old Fashioned cocktail garnish / decoration.

Suitable and elegant for serving olives, fruits or finger food.


lei 71.39 Price
BAMBOO Straws - Different Diameters (6pcs Set!) Reusable with Cleaning Brush Quick view
  • On sale!
  • -4%

BAMBOO Straws - Different...

Price / set.

The set contains 6 pieces of straw (different sizes and diameters) + 1 straw cleaning brush.

If you are thinking of serving TIKI drinks, in addition to the glasses specific to the Polynesian culture, these straws are absolutely indispensable!

Besides the fact that they are made of wooden material - BAMBOO, which means they are completely ecological, they are also reusable (compared to plastic ones) and offer a complete experience when serving drinks, together with TIKI glasses.

Proving that it is a 100% natural product: the color, texture and diameter may differ from one straw to another.


Before the first use, it is recommended to wash the straws.

lei 19.51 Regular price lei 20.33 Price

BARISTA BOX Starter Kit...

Price / Full set.

This is our new Baristabox,stacked with a small range from our Barista Tools.

Product information: Include 1 piece of each

► Milk Jug / Barista Pitcher 350ml

► Milk Pitcher 90ml

► Shotglass for setting the liquid volume

► Squeeze Bottle for Latte Art, 30ml

► Portafilterbrush

► Groupbrush Basic


lei 143.51 Price

Barista Keychain [BARISTA...

Price / piece.

This keychain is a perfect miniature replica of the real Barista accessories.

The perfect gift for any coffee lover!

Cafes (!) ATTENTION: ask for an offer for these personalized products with the LOGO of the location! Perfect objects for marketing !!!

Models available:

► Kettle - Water boiler for Pour Over

► Siphon - Alternative method for coffees

► DOUBLE Grinder / Coffee Grinder

► SIMPLE Grinder / Coffee Grinder

► RETRO Grinder / Coffee Grinder

► Milk Jug - Latiera pt Cappuccino

► METAL Tamper

► Plastic Tamper

► Portafilter

► V60 Dripper


lei 22.65 Regular price lei 23.60 Price

Barista Keychain [JoeFrex]...

Price / piece.

This keychain is a perfect miniature replica of the real Barista accessories.

The perfect gift for any coffee lover!

Models available:

► Kettle - Water boiler for Pour Over

► Milk Jug - Latiera pt Cappuccino

► Grinding Coffee

► V60


lei 29.46 Price

Barista Towel [JoeFREX] -...

Price / piece.

HUNDRED LINEN, 43x63cm towel.

Pre-washed, 100% linen material, natural / beige color, for glassware polishing, or cups, milk jugs and cutlery.

Can be washed up to 60 °, preferably without conditioner.

lei 47.82 Price

BARISTA Wrist Band...

Price / piece.

These bracelets can be a valuable accessory for any barista.

The COMANDANTE brand has a world-class reputation in the barista world.

You can choose between Black and Grey, respectively different sizes.

The length of the bracelets (bent) is 9.5cm GRAY, and 10cm BLACK.


lei 24.20 Price

Barmat (Service Mat) 45 *30cm

Price / piece.

Informative: 12 pieces / set.

Bar Mat / Service Mat - made of thick rubber, with rubber brushes.

The main purpose of a bar mat is to be able to dry glasses and protect bar surfaces.

They are easy to lift and the liquid accumulated during the preparation of cocktails can be emptied.

lei 54.95 Price

Barmat 61 *8cm

Price / piece.

Informative: 12 pieces / set

Bar Mat / Service Mat - made of thick rubber, with rubber brushes.

The main purpose of this bar mat is to protect bar surfaces.

They are easy to lift and the accumulated liquid can be emptied after drinking cocktails / shots.

lei 30.06 Price

Barware Set for Bartenders...

Price / set.

The ideal gift for beginner bartenders!

The set contains:

1 x Muddler MIC Black, 22cm - Plastic Muddler

2 x Pourer Metal 285 W - Drip Stopper with Rubber Blades

1 x Jigger CLASSIC 25 / 50ml - BAR measure, made of Metal

1 x Simple Strainer - 2 Legs - Cocktail Strainers

1 x Boston Shaker Plain, 28oz with Weight

1 x Shaker Speed Tin - 16oz with Weight

1 x Bar Spoon with Penny at the end

This set of barware is the ideal gift for novice bartenders or even for home use.

On the box you can even find the recipe of some well-known cocktails.


lei 133.10 Price

BEECH Wood Chips for...

Price / 100ml.

Wood sawdust "Beech" / Beech wood, for the smoking gun "The Smoking Gun".

Ideal for smoking culinary preparations and for various cocktails.


DO NOT eat!!!

Flammable !!!

Do not use open fire near the product in an uncontrolled environment !!!


lei 20.92 Price

Beer Froth SPATULA

Price / piece. 

The special spatula for removing excess beer foam is made of a white plasticized material.

Beer is best served in the range between "cold as ice" and the temperature of the "cellar" (between 12-14C).

It should be noted that pouring beer into a glass can be an art: if you prefer a fine but rich foam collar, pour the beer quickly, perpedicularly into the glass.

The most effective way to get the desired level of foam is to tilt the glass and start pouring the beer on one of its inner walls, then place the bottle perpendicularly and pour it in the center of the glass.

At the same time, it is just as important how far you hold the glass when pouring.

lei 16.94 Price

Bellagio BARISTA Briefcase...

Price / kit with Utensils.

Complete Barista kit from Motta, provided with specially arranged places for utensils and accessories.

Specially for bartenders / baristas who want to have all the utensils at hand.

lei 487.63 Price

Bitter Bottle CRYSTAL SKULL...

Price / piece.

Bitter Bottle - Crystal Head, 100ml

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario banned the spirit because they decided that vodka in a skull shaped bottle conveyed the wrong idea.

The company's website says the inspiration came from ancient crystal skulls that "are thought to offer spiritual power and enlightment to those who possess them, and such stand not as symbols of death, but of life." 

An eye-catching skull-shaped bottle for comedy legend Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head vodka.


lei 70.18 Price

BLACK Floor Mat 152,5...

Price / piece,

The large rubber mat is ideal for use in bars, kitchens, outdoor patios, boats, as well as in warehouses or other industrial areas where humidity and heavy foot traffic are a problem.

Drainage properties: The holes and perforated design of this multi-purpose rug let liquids drain from the surface but trap dirt.

Simply clean the carpet with water to remove any dirt or grease.

Anti-fatigue carpet, reduces spinal tension during a work shift, is softer than sitting directly on the floor.

Save money! Bottles dropped on the ground will break less often.

lei 301.00 Price

BLACK SKULL Bitter Bottle -...

Price / piece.

Bitter bottle - Skull / Black skull with pipette, 60ml.

Equipped with a dropper for portioning the bitters "drop by drop".

The skull shape is quite unconventional, thus adding a unique touch to the bar.

The pipette ensures precise portioning of the bitters.

lei 27.88 Price

BLUE Plasters - Assorted...

Price / set.

The set contains 100 pieces, assorted sizes.

Set of blue patches, different sizes.

Because normally the color blue is not found in food preparations (restaurant, bar, ...) it is recommended to use disposable gloves or even blue patches.

This is easily recognized if a piece reaches the finished dish ...


► Latex Free

► DO NOT expose to direct sunlight

► Sterile


lei 48.93 Price
BROWN Towel [BARISTA LINE] Set of 2pcs, Microfibre Quick view
  • On sale!
  • -4%

BROWN Towel (2pcs Set!)...

Price / set.

The set contains 2 towels, different sizes.

The brown towels are 30*30cm + 45*55cm.

Usable: crockery, dishes, glass, equipment, refrigerator, taps, sinks, table and other surfaces in the bar / kitchen.

The set of towels for wiping and cleaning offers high quality due to the microfiber material used.

Material: 80% Polyester; 20% Polyamide.

Wash with detergent or soap.
DO NOT use fabric strengthening solutions!
Machine washable up to 65'C together with similar colors.
Do NOT tumble dry!

lei 16.70 Regular price lei 17.40 Price

Canvas - LEWIS BAG...

Price / piece.

Special canvas bag - LEWIS BAG, to "produce" Crushed Ice.

Main accessory: Wood mallet for Lewis Bag. (To be ordered separately! )

Strong and durable natural cotton canvas bag used securely crush ice.

This bag can fit a good portion of ice.


lei 53.36 Price

CHERRY Wood Chips for...

Price per 100ml.

Cherry sawdust recommended for "The Smoking Gun".

Ideal for smoking culinary preparations and for various cocktails.

Measuring the quantity is done with a glass measuring cup, graduated to 100ml, so the quantity ordered must be a multiple of 100ml.

DO NOT eat!!! Flammable !!! Do not use open flames near the product!!!


lei 20.92 Price

CLEANING BRUSH for Pourer...

Price / piece. 


Material: polyester, steel wire.

This fine cleaning brush is made of twisted steel wire and polyester wire.

Simply clean the dripper quickly and efficiently. Just push the brush through the pipe so that all debris can be easily removed.

After cleaning the drippers and metal straws with this brush and warm water, you will notice that the quality (taste) of the drinks will not change due to possible deposits in the pipe.

In the case of coffee machine steamers, you need to clean up any possible milk deposits.


lei 15.25 Price

Condiment Dispenser / Fruit...

Price / piece.

Fruit Tray / Dispenser for cut fruit, with 3 compartments.

They can be removed separately for cleaning and you can put crushed ice under the compartments to ensure the cooling and freshness of the cut fruits.

Provided with cover.


lei 86.59 Price

Condiment Dispenser / Fruit...

Price / piece. 

Fruit Tray / Dispenser for fruits pieces.

With 6 compartments, that can be removed separately.

Under the compartments you can put broken ice to ensure the cooling and freshness of the cut fruit.

Equipped with a lid for maximum hygiene.


lei 121.66 Regular price lei 135.18 Price

CORK Glass Holder - Coaster

Price / piece.

Sustainable product: without dyeing, made only by pressing.

The resulting product is natural and pleasant to the touch.

Ensures the protection of valuable glasses when they are placed on surfaces that could cause chipping or breakage.

100% natural cork.

lei 10.14 Price

Crate for Ice with Wheels...

Price / piece

(*) Ice scoop included!

It can be used for storing and transporting ice cubes or flakes.

BPA free.

Product with PP raw material safe for health.

Made in white, the cover is transparent.

The capacity is 82 lt.

The taste or smell of the food is not affected by the containers.

It has 2 stable and 2 rotating wheels that ensure comfortable movement.




lei 319.44 Price

CREAM Chargers [KAYSER] N2O...

Price / piece. 

It is sold in multiples of 50 pcs (inner box). 

Informative: 300 pcs / outer box. 

Made of recyclable steel, silver color, cannot be refilled.

Content: N2O.

Each cartridge is individually checked to see if the amount of gas is correct.

One cartridge can be used to make 0.5 liters of whipped cream.


lei 2.15 Price

CURVED Tweezers 30cm - for...

Price / piece.

These tweezers are made of high quality food grade stainless steel, have good rust and heat resistance.

They are durable and reusable.

They are suitable for placing cocktail decorations or small and delicate foods such as caviar, plant berries, pine nuts and cranberries.

The fine teeth on the tip can prevent the object from slipping, and the notches on the handle ensure a more secure grip.

After each use, just rinse with hot water and wipe, or put it in the dishwasher .


Use with extra care to NOT injure yourself!

Keep out of reach of children!


lei 37.52 Price

DeLuxe Porto Wine Set -...

(€ / set). 

The set contains: 1 decanter + 4 glasses / pipe.

Porto wine is fortified and aged in oak barrels and is filtered before bottling.

Despite its complexity, the assortment is pleasant and easy to drink.

To help you on your way to becoming a Porto wine connoisseur, the DeLuxe Port Decanter set is the perfect kit to enjoy the sweet taste of fortified wine with a few friends and enjoy the flavors.

Represents the perfect gift for Porto drinkers or elegant cocktails.

Only clean manually with liquid detergent!
Avoid scratching the surface!
FRAGILE product!
Keep out of reach of children!

lei 44.42 Price

DeLuxe ZESTER Knife

Price / piece.

Zester Knife, Metal DeLuxe model, you can cut "pill" from the peel of citrus fruits, respectively "zest"

Produced with an advanced technology, this special knife / zester uses the best quality steel, processed to high standards.

► Made of stainless steel.

► Durable metal handle.

► Can be washed in the dishwasher

Use carefully, do NOT injure yourself!

Keep out of reach of children!

lei 28.46 Price

Elegant Ticket Spike / Bon...

Price / piece.

Support for vouchers, order recipes or paper notes.

On this elegant holder are pierced the vouchers of the waiters, the kitchens, the receptionists or any kind of notes on a piece of paper, so that it does not lose until the output or until the stock is made.

The material used is non -slip, anti -corrosive and durable.

The tip is sharp enough to pass through paper but not sharp enough to stab your slightly.

Suitable for restaurant, pub, kitchen, office even home.


Requires attention at the time of use, do not hurt yourself or other persons !


lei 14.52 Price

Elegant Ticket Spike / Bon...

Price / piece.

Support for purchase orders, receipts or notes on paper.

The vouchers of waiters, cooks, hotel receptionists or any kind of paper with notes can be pierced, so that they are not lost until the end of the shift or until the stock is taken.

Suitable for restaurant, pub, kitchen, office or even at home...

The spike is sharp enough to go through the paper.


It requires attention when using, so as not to injure yourself!


lei 18.15 Price

ELIXIR Nr.1 Bitter Bottle...

Price / piece.

Mixologists are always looking for elegant and practical tools that will not only enhance the flavors of the cocktail they produce, but will also add to the theater of their profession.

These vintage-style bottles are perfect for adding bitterness when mixing cocktails.

Bitter bottles are provided with a dropper for controlled casting.

Luigi Bormioli is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality, extra-clear crystal glass in northern Italy. Technological knowledge and manufacturing skills acquired over generations of glass manufacturing activity allow Luigi Bormioli to constantly innovate its product range and offer new solutions on the market.


lei 51.74 Price

ELIXIR Nr.3 Bitter Bottle...

Price / piece.

With the "Elixir" series, Luigi Bormioli created these aesthetic bottles suitable for bitters.

"Elixir N° 3" comes with a particularly beautiful and embossed figure and works as a practical decoration piece.

The belly of the bottle has two flat, opposite sides, while the other two sides are slightly rounded and distinctly bent at the top.

On one of the flat sides, there is a relief in the appearance of a coat of arms: the name "N°3 Elixir" and a crown below.

The neck of the bottle is short, with an opening of 1.9 cm. However, the wide edge of the collar has an outer diameter of 3.9 cm.

A suitable natural cork dripper is included.

Use the small bottle to artfully refine cocktails and at the same time as an atmospheric accessory in your bar!


lei 45.52 Price

FELT Coaster

Price / piece.

Ensures the protection of the glasses when they are placed on surfaces that could cause chips or breaks.

100% polyester.


DO NOT use with the iron!


lei 6.20 Price

FINEWELL Bitter Bottle...

Price / piece.


► David Wondrich - Classic Collection

► Inspired by Greg Boehm's private collections<p>FINEWELL™ BITTERS BOTTLE GOTHIC STYLE</p>

► Silver-plated finish over 18/8 stainless steel dasher top

► Thicker cork for snug fit

► Lead-free crystal, handwash only

► Gothic style font

► Available types: "Absinthe," "Bitters," and "House Bitters"

► 4in (10.2cm) height by 2.2in (5.7cm) diameter


lei 200.73 Price


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