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DeLuxe Knock Box DRAWER...

Price / piece.

Knock Box Drawer - can be incorporated into bar furniture.

Suitable for grinders and coffee machines with 1 group.

Stainless steel.

New DeLuxe model from the manufacturer MOTTA.


lei 708.27 Price

Floor Standing Knock Tube...

Price / piece.

This Floor Standing Knock Tube Thumpa is an 86cm high tube which was designed with durability in mind..

Commercial coffee waste bins need to withstand being hit, bashed and dropped without coming apart. 

RHINOWARES (Australia) wants this THUMPA KnockBox to be virtually indestructible and perfect for the demanding needs of a busy coffee shop.

Using high-density, shock-resistant polyethylene (HDPE), Thumpa can beat!

The flared collar retains excess splatters. The slotted bar inserts and removes easily for cleaning, replacement and maintenance.

The top is also easily removed for easy emptying or for use in conjunction with a waste bag. 


lei 456.55 Price

HOME use (Different Colors)...

Price / piece.

This Knock Box Classic combines elegant design and minimalism with easy handling and cleaning, created to look good in any cafe. or at home.

The wooden body houses the integrated plastic container, which can be removed simply by lifting the kick bar for quick disposal and cleaning.

You can choose between the colors: WALNUT & BLACK


lei 133.37 Price

INSERTABLE Station (Tamping...

Price / piece.

This zat box, which can be inserted into the worktop, is provided with an open bottom and has an integrated tamping station.

It can be installed on a table or work surface.

The tamping station is covered with a silicone mat for comfortable, clean and consistent pressing.

A waste container is placed under the worktop, where the zat puck goes directly.

The "beater" bar is robust stainless steel covered with a thick layer of rubber.

Dimension of the cutout required for installation on the work surface: L: 304 mm / l: 196 mm


lei 1,057.00 Price

ROUNDED Knock Box [MOTTA]...

Price / piece. 

The body of the box is made of stainless steel, very durable and robust, can be used for a long time.

The espresso box is large enough that you don't have to empty it often.

The impactor bar is made of hard rubber and aluminum, it will not scratch you. These rubber bars are able to reduce noise when used.

The bottom of the coffee grounds container does not slip or scratch the kitchen worktop. Moreover, it is provided with a layer of porous rubber, to attenuate the noise and mechanical shock produced.

THE IDEAL GIFT FOR COFFEE LOVERS - Although it is a product for professional use, it will still be a perfect accessory for espresso lovers, for the kitchen or the home bar.


lei 250.47 Price

Black Knock Box DRAWER...

Price / piece.

► Made of high quality stainless steel, including the grinder can be placed directly on this box, which favors saving space.

► Heat dissipation holes.

► Anti-slip rubber feet, which keep it firmly in place and can reduce noise.

► Detachable drawer, easy to remove, convenient to pour the coffee waste from the portafilter.

► Removable rubber bar, which absorbs the shocks of blows.


lei 336.16 Price
Repairing Kit for ROUNDED Knock Box [MOTTA] Quick view
  • On sale!
  • -4%

Repairing Kit for ROUNDED...

Price / set.

The kit contains the rubber knock bar and the O-ring from the edge of the round knock box.

You will need this product after a long time, due to the natural using of the Motta knock box.

You won't have to buy another Knock Box, that's enough if you change the rim and the rubber bar.

Elegant, from the manufacturer MOTTA.

Made in Italy.

* ONLY the repair kit is for sale, without Knock Box!

lei 70.22 Regular price lei 73.14 Price

SIMPLE (GN) Knock Box...

Price / piece.

This open knock box, made of premium wood, has a sturdy stainless steel container that can be easily removed * for emptying and cleaning - it's just the perfect tool for barista staff!

GN standard size

(* If necessary - Grasp the bar in the middle and pull it up while holding the box with your other hand.)

(** Insert back carefully so as not to damage the rubber protection!)

Equipped with rubber inner lining to relieve mechanical shocks.

Thanks to the metal bar, coated in hard rubber, it is easy to clean the filter holder from the dirt hole.

Sit right next to the espresso machine for optimal workflow.

Do NOT clean the wooden parts with water!


lei 152.34 Price

Square Knock Chute...

Price / piece.

Rhinowares Knockbox Chute Black is well thought out and elegant, perfect for coffee shops, restaurants and office barista offices.

Made from quality 304 stainless steel, this knock box has a small footprint, making it fit easily into almost any countertop.

The design allows a wide variety of multifunctional bins to be placed "under the counter".

The crash bar is welded, which strengthens the sides.

The rubber sleeve helps protect the portafilter and reduces noise.

The rubber gasket protects both the counter surface and the barista's fingers. It is also easy to replace.

*We recommend using the actual product as a template when cutting the worktop to ensure the measurements are accurate.

lei 291.25 Price


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