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BARISTA Shot glass [HARIO]...

Price / piece.

It is a glass cup with a capacity of 80 ml (full) and a graduated scale to adjust the dosage of coffee, up to 60 ml.

It is resistant to heat and thermal shock, and is dishwasher safe.

The graduated barista shot glass from Hario is an indispensable accessory for those who want precision in the preparation of coffee.

Made in Japan.

*It does NOT have a metrological bulletin !


lei 50.05 Price

BARISTA Shot glass...

Price / piece.

Shot glass for measuring / adjusting the quantity of single and double ristretto and espresso coffees.

After a manual cleaning, wipe only with a soft cloth, do not scratch the markings applied to the outside of the glass.


lei 23.03 Price

BARISTA Shot glass, MARKED...

Price / piece.

Informative: 6 pieces / box.

The Barista - Shot is necessary to be able to adjust the espresso machine accurately, measuring the amount of water for Ristretto, Espresso or even long coffee.

Graduated to:

► 22ml ↔ 3 / 4oz: Restricted,

► 30ml ↔ 1oz; Espresso,

► 44ml ↔ 1-1 / 2oz: Restricted Double,

► 60ml ↔ 2oz: Double Espresso.

Made in Italy.


lei 14.51 Price

Barista SMART SCALE 2...

Price / piece.

Precision water-resistant scale, Brewista V.2 with 6 different operating modes.

Designed as a best-in-class tool for quality and affordability, this smart scale helps you develop coffee mastery at home.

► Rechargeable batteries via USB-C cable.

► Weighing capacity of 2000 grams (70 oz). Accuracy of 0.1 grams

► Water-resistant surface

► Automatic country

► Auto power off function

► LCD display in grams and ounces

► Includes protective tray

► Silicone pad for direct use on the espresso machine


lei 532.65 Price
BARISTA Thermometer (-20°C... Quick view
  • On sale!
  • -4%

BARISTA Thermometer (-20°C...

Price / piece. 

DIGITAL Barista thermometer, to check the temperature of the milk in the kettle.

Measures between: -20 ° C / + 120 ° C

Accuracy: ± 1 ° C between -20 ° C and 80 ° C

Resolution: 0.1 ° C

Works with 1 1.5V LR44 battery.

Auto power off after 45 minutes.


1. Press ON / OFF to turning device on / off.

2. Probe into test substance 2min 50mm (ice at 0 ° C / boiling water at 100 ° C).

3. Press HOLD to retain reading.


DO NOT touch the central unit with liquid (milk, water, etc.)!


lei 48.09 Regular price lei 50.09 Price

BARISTA Thermometer with...

Price / piece.

Barista thermometer with clip, with multiple uses: e.g. to check the temperature of the milk in the milk jug, the temperature of the hot chocolate and last but not least for the temperature of a successful espresso.

If you "burn" the milk, it will taste more bitter.

Measures between -20'C +120'C

Dual display: Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Calibration of the thermometer is done:

► 0'C at the freezing point of distilled water +/- 0.5'C

► 100'C at the boiling temperature of water, depending on the altitude above the sea.


lei 33.49 Price

Bellagio BARISTA Briefcase...

Price / kit with Utensils.

Complete Barista kit from Motta, provided with specially arranged places for utensils and accessories.

Specially for bartenders / baristas who want to have all the utensils at hand.

lei 487.63 Price

DIGITAL Barista Thermometer...

Price / piece.

RhinoWares Digital Thermometer is a great tool for getting consistent temperature results when heating milk on the STEAMER.

Offering a faster and more accurate reading than standard analog thermometers, the Rhino digital thermometer is an indispensable product in any barista's tool kit.


► Temperature range from -50 to +250 degrees Celsius

► 13 cm long to fit most milk jugs 

► Triggers the alarm when it reaches the desired temperature

► Removable stainless steel clamp

► Do not leave in hot oven or microwave oven.


lei 122.00 Price

Barista SMART SCALE 3...

Price / piece.

The popular smart scale Brewista has been updated in this new, faster, more powerful and more compact model.

Minimalist and simple design with 5 convenient modes.

Measuring from 0.1 grams, this scale can be used for many purposes, from espresso to drip coffee.


Dimension (approx.): Width 10.5 x Height 1.7 x Depth 10.5 cm

Material: ABS resin, stainless steel

Weight: Approx. 163 g

Measuring range: 0.1 - 2,000 g

Power supply: rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Nano coating water resistant, but not completely waterproof (!!!)

lei 555.24 Regular price lei 578.38 Price
Barista V60 DRIP SCALE [HARIO] with Built-in Timer Quick view
  • On sale!
  • -4%

Barista V60 DRIP SCALE...

Price / piece.

HARIO Barista Scale - Japanese, high precision, for jewelry or coffee weight adjustment.

It not only weighs but also times the preparation process.


2 ► 200g: 0.1g

200 ► 500g: 0.5g

500 ► 2000g: 1g

Maximum set time: 99 '59 "

The device turns off after 5 minutes if not in use.

Made in Japan.


lei 346.52 Regular price lei 360.96 Price


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