Terms and Conditions

1. General Aspects

The online store www.PentruBar.ro is managed by:

VIP Horeca Trading SRL (SELLER)

European VAT Nr: RO27832635

Reg. Com .: J10 / 1626/2010

Headquarter: Tarian Nr. 313, Bihor County

Office & Warehouse: 7-9 Independentei Street, Oradea, Bihor County, Romania

Bank: OTP Oradea, ING Oradea

Phone: +4 0744 295 179

Email: office@pentrubar.ro

By visiting or ordering products on the web site, the online store www.PentruBar.ro, further on WEBSHOP, you agree and accept the Terms and Conditions presented below. This WEBSHOP is for individuals and individuals who have reached the age of 18. By navigating through the webshop, the person declares that he meets these conditions.

We reserve the right to change the partial or total content of the webshop without any prior notice.

2. Content of the page

The full content of the webshop is the property of the seller and is protected by the Copyright Law (OSIM) and the intellectual and industrial property laws of the site. Use of any graphic, script or text elements without the written consent of the seller is punishable under the laws in force.

Due to unforeseen errors, the seller does not assume responsibility for printing or display errors in terms of prices, features, images, etc.

The seller has the right to cancel the delivery of the products with any mistakes (price, characteristics) and to notify the customer as soon as possible of the error. In the webshop, product images are presented as an example, and the products delivered may differ from images in any way.

The products displayed on the webshop are offered within the available stock limit. The seller can not guarantee the availability in stock of all the products presented.

The seller is not responsible for any defects in the products purchased from his stores. All responsibility for these defects and the moral damage to the customer rests with the manufacturer.

Buyers expressly agree that using this webshop and buying products is at your own risk.

The maximum amount of damage that can be paid by the seller to any customer in the case of inappropriate delivery is the value of the amount received from that customer for that product, which was wrongly delivered.

The launch of the order, the automatic e-mail sent after receiving the order and the telephone conversations, by e-mail and by any other method, with the representative of the web site www.PentruBar.ro, do not constitute firm acceptance of the order and therefore does not sign the conclusion of the contract Remote. The fiscal invoice is the place of a sale-purchase contract.

The prices in the RO version of the webshop are expressed in RON / EUR and BRUT (including Romanian VAT 19%) is displayed.

The "Informational Calculation" price offer, automatically received following the order, includes both display methods (and NET, and BRUT) and estimates a possible price for express delivery.

3. Delivery of products


Delivery of the products will be done by fast courier or you can choose to pick up the goods at the seller's point of sale. Unless otherwise specified, the cost of dispatching products by courier will be borne by the buyer. The amount of these costs will be confirmed by the seller's representative by phone because the shipping fee may vary depending on the weight of the parcels and the equivalent of the refund.

Note: For products shipped outside the courier company's coverage area, additional shipping costs may occur, which you will be notified by phone after placing your order

4. Payment of products

The products ordered from the websop will be paid either in advance, by bank transfer to the seller's account, based on a proforma invoice, or a courier refund, upon receipt of the package. In case of prepayment, the products will be sent / handed over only after the seller's bank has confirmed the amount required on the account. The seller reserves the right to give the customer the possibility to pay only in advance, taking into account factors such as the order value, the nature of the products and others.

5. Product quality and return policy

All products marketed by the seller comply with the applicable national legal provisions on product quality.

The customer has the right to unilaterally terminate the distance contract, within 14 days of receiving the product (s), without penalties and without invoking any reason. In this case, the direct return of the products will fall, according to the law, on the Customer's charge. The customer has the obligation to notify the seller in writing of his intention to return the products, by e-mail to office@pentrubar.ro. The returned product (s) must be in the same condition as it was delivered (without wear, scratches, mechanical shocks, etc.) in the original package and with the accompanying documents. Deliveries to the seller of the returned products will be made using the same method as their original delivery, with their insurance during the transport and at the exclusive cost of the buyer. The seller will return the order value within 14 days of the return date, bank transfer or postal order. Return credits will be borne by the buyer. No shipping and cargo insurance costs will be refunded.

Declaration of conformity

We, VIP Horeca Trading SRL, with headquarters in Tarian Nr 313, Bihor County, no. Reg. Com. J05 / 1626/2010, we ensure, guarantee and declare under our own responsibility, conf. 5 of HG1.022 / 2002 as the product / service to which this requirement refers. statement does not endanger life, health, safety of work and is in accordance with the manufacturer's statement, correspond. legislation in force. The products are labeled in Romanian.

 6. Packaging:

Packaging waste is collected in containers marked with the name of the material for which they are intended and manufactured or written in the appropriate colors: BLUE: packaging waste paper and cardboard, YELLOW: plastic packaging waste, GREEN: glass packaging waste , GREY: residual and metallic waste, BROWN / GREY: BIO degradable waste.

7. Major Force case

Except as otherwise expressly provided, none of the parties to a concluded contract, which is still in progress, will be liable for the non-performance in time and / or the right, in whole or in part, of any of the obligations if the non-fulfillment of that obligation was caused by a force majeure event, on the basis of the contract.

The party or legal representative of the Party invoking the above mentioned event is required to notify the other immediately and fully of its production and to take any measures available to it in order to limit the consequences of that event.

The party or legal representative of the party claiming the above event is relieved of this obligation only if the event prevents it from carrying it out. If within 48 hours from the date of its occurrence, that event does not cease, each party shall have the right to notify the other party of the termination of this contract without any one of them being able to claim the other damages. The party invoking the force majeure event must prove the impossibility of performing the obligations within 48 hours of the event occurrence.

8. Litigation and final provisions

Any disputes that may arise between the seller and the buyer in connection with this document will first be settled amicably. If such a solution becomes impossible, its settlement will be settled by the court in the jurisdiction of the seller's premises.

9. Privacy Policy - GDPR

The Privacy Policy has been updated in accordance with the GDPR (679/2016)

To use our site further, you need to read and agree on these terms

General information
Site PentruBar.ro belongs to VIP HORECA SRL. This document has the role of informing you about the processing of your personal data in the context of using the Site for bar.ro. The privacy of your personal data is one of the main concerns of our Site. According to the GDPR provisions, barbar.ro has the obligation to administer, in a safe and only for the specified purposes, the personal data you provide us about you. The purpose of data collection is mentioned below.

Categories of processed personal data

If you are a user of the Site, your personal data that you provide directly in the context of the use of the Site will be processed, such as the data you provide under the Authentication / Contact / Questions / Complaints / billing / return of goods, etc., in so far as you contact us in this way, namely: name and surname, email / password, date of birth, personal identification number, serial number, identity card, company address, billing address / business address for which you request the invoice.

The purposes and bases of the processing

If you are a User of the Site, PentruBar.ro processes your personal data as follows:

- for delivery of ordered products. You are not required to provide the data, but by your refusal you will not be able to order products on our site.

- for marketing activities, namely for transmitting commercial communications about the products and services offered through the Site via the means of communication (e-mail).

Topic: Processing your data for this purpose is based on your consent if you choose to provide it.

Providing your data for this purpose is voluntary. Refusing to provide consent to process your data for this purpose will not have negative consequences for you.

- for the purpose of performing various analyzes, reporting on how the Site works, creating profiles of consumer preferences, mainly in order to improve the experience offered on the Site.

Themes: Processing your data for this purpose is based on the legitimate interest of VIP HORECA SRL to continuously improve the customer experience on the Site. Providing your data for this purpose is voluntary. Refusing to provide data for this purpose will not have negative consequences for you.

- to resolve complaints, complaints and to monitor traffic and improve your experience on the Site.

Themes: Processing your data for this purpose is based on the legitimate interest in ensuring the correct functioning of the Site, as well as to permanently improve the visitor experience of the Site, including by resolving various comments, questions or complaints.

Providing your data for this purpose is voluntary. Refusing to provide data for this purpose will not have negative consequences for you.

According to the law, you have the right to access, to interfere with data, the right not to be subject to an individual decision. You may oppose the processing of your personal data and ask you to delete the data. To exercise these rights, please contact us at the contact email address. You are also recognized as having the right to appeal to the judiciary and the supervisory authority.

The length of time we're processing your data

As a matter of principle, the site owner will process your personal data for as long as is necessary to achieve the above mentioned processing goals.

If you withdraw your consent to data processing for marketing purposes, the Site Holder will cease processing your personal data for that purpose without, however, affecting the processing performed by the Site Holder on the basis of your consent before withdrawing.


Disclosure of personal data

For the purposes of processing, the Site Holder will disclose your data to partners, third parties or entities that support the Site Holder in doing business through the Site (eg courier companies, IT service providers, or public authorities central / local) in the following exemplary cases listed:

- for issuing invoices / accompanying documents;

- for orders delivery;

- for the administration of the Site;

- to maintain, personalize and improve the Site and its services;

- for performing data analysis, testing and research, monitoring usage and activity trends, development of security features and user authentication;

- for the transmission of marketing communications, under the conditions and limits stipulated by the law;

- where disclosure of personal data is provided for by law.

Transferring personal data

Personal data provided to the site owner will not be transferred outside of Romania.

 The rights you benefit from

Under the conditions set out in the legislation on the processing of personal data, you are entitled to the following rights:

- the right to information, that is, the right to receive details of the processing activities carried out by the site owner as described in this document;

- the right of access to data, ie the right to obtain confirmation regarding the processing of personal data, as well as details of the processing activities such as the way in which the data are processed, the purpose of the processing, the recipients or the categories of recipients data, etc;

- the right to rectification, ie the right to obtain inaccurate or unjustified personal data without undue delay by the site owner, as well as the completion of incomplete data; The rectification / completion shall be communicated to each recipient to whom the data were transmitted, unless this proves impossible or involves disproportionate efforts.

- the right to delete the data without undue delay ('the right to be forgotten') if one of the following applies:

  • they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or processed;
  • ×         if consent is withdrawn and there is no other legal basis for processing;
  • ×         if the data subject opposes processing and there are no legitimate reasons to prevail;
  • ×         if personal data has been processed illegally;
  • ×         if personal data has to be deleted for compliance with a legal obligation;
  • ×         personal data has been collected in connection with the provision of information society services under Union or national law under which the operator is located.

It is possible that the site owner may anonymize this data (thus depriving it of its personal character) as a result of the data deletion request and continue processing for statistical purposes under these conditions;

- the right to restrict the processing to the extent that:

- the person disputes the accuracy of the data for a period that allows us to verify the correctness of the data;

- processing is illegal and the data subject opposes the deletion of personal data, but instead calls for restrictions on their use;

- the operator no longer requires personal data for processing, but the data subject requests them to find, exercise or defend a right in court; or

- the data subject opposed to processing (other than direct marketing) for the period of time to verify that the legitimate rights of the controller prevail over those of the data subject.

- the right to data portability, ie the right to receive personal data in a structured way, commonly used in an easy-to-read format, as well as the right to have such data transmitted by the site owner to another data controller, provided that the conditions laid down by law are met;

- the right to opposition - in respect of processing activities may be exercised by submitting a request as indicated below;

- at any time, for reasons relating to the particular circumstances of the data subject, that the data which is intended to be processed under the legitimate interest of the site owner or the public interest, unless the site owner demonstrate that he has legitimate and compelling reasons which justify the processing and which prevails over the interests, rights and freedoms of the data subject or that the purpose is to establish, exercise or defend a right in court;

- at any time, free of charge and without any justification, that data intended to be processed for direct marketing purposes.

- the right not to be subject to an automatic individual decision, that is, the right not to be the subject of a decision taken solely on the basis of automatic processing activities, including the creation of profiles, which produces legal effects affecting the data subject or affects him similarly to a significant extent;

- the right to address to the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing or to the competent courts, to the extent that you consider it necessary.

10 Internet Cookies


What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is saved on your computer when you visit a website.

This file allows you to retain your settings and preferences when you visit our site again to give you a better online experience.

Cookies are used by web servers to differentiate users and respond to their actions in a session of multiple separate transactions. They were invented to implement a virtual shopping cart: usually, the user first logs in (login), then navigates to the site, adds or removes objects from the basket, then displays the contents of the basket, asks for the final price , decides to order (or still quits), and at the end closes the logout session.

Cookies are also used to track a user's activity on a site. Tracking within a site is done to obtain usage statistics. Particularly during advertising campaigns, the user activity is tracked within the site in order to find out exactly their interests, so they can decide which advertisements to send to a particular user at a certain time.

How do I change my cookie settings?

You can change your cookie settings at any time (for example, be alerted when cookies are sent to your computer). If you do so, please be aware that you may not be able to register on our site or use other features that require registration or information collection. You can delete all cookies from your computer or you can set the browser to block their placement. In this case you will have to manually set some preferences when you visit certain pages. Any changes to your cookie settings will be saved until you decide to make additional changes if you have changed your mind.

 Delete cookies

In general, an application used to access web pages allows you to save your Cookies to the terminal by default. These settings can be changed so that automatic cookie administration is blocked by the web browser or the user is informed whenever Cookies are sent to the terminal. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of managing cookies can be found in the application settings area (the web browser). Restricting the use of Cookies may affect certain features of the web page.

If you still do not agree with the use of cookies but wish to continue using the site, follow the instructions below to disable or delete cookies depending on the browser used:

Disable / remove cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Disable / remove cookies in Internet Explorer

Disable / remove cookies in Google Chrome

Disable / remove cookies in Safari

For any additional questions about how personal data is processed and exercising the above mentioned rights, please contact us at the email address of the contact page.

The data collected are used for the purposes mentioned only by the site owner and are not alienated to third parties except under the conditions mentioned above.

If you are concerned about the use of your data on this site, please write to us at the email address on the contact page.


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