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Price / piece.

Informative: 12 pieces / set.

Cherry Cocktail Cherries, ideal for cocktail decoration / Garnish for food or ice cream / desserts.

Amarena cherries are small and bitter (Italian - Amara), they are darker in color than normal cherries.

These cherries have been selected from the best quality cultivated in Italy and are stored in a sweet syrup.

They are ideal for cocktails such as Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Martini, etc. as well as for culinary or ice cream products.

€6.89 Price

CARAMEL Sauce [MONIN] 500ml

Price / piece.

Informative: 6 pieces / box.

Monin Sauce - Monin Caramel topping is used by bartenders in Latte Art competitions and in the preparation of coffee specialties.

The term caramel means caramelized sugar, traditionally melting sugar in a pot with a little water.

Caramel gets its rich taste and color from the process of heating and melting sugar.

The sugar content is given by fructose and glucose syrup not sugar beet.

Color: Gold, light brown

€6.51 Price


Price / piece.

Informative: 6 pieces / box.

The origins of chocolate go back at least 4,000 years. The ancient peoples of Central America worshiped cocoa beans and used them to make a hot, frothy and bitter drink called chocolatl.

After Christopher Columbus introduced chocolate to Europe, the drink became a best seller.

The Monin Sauce - Dark Chocolate topping is used by bartenders and bartenders in Latte Art competitions and in the preparation of coffee specialties.

The sugar content is given by fructose and glucose syrup, NOT beet sugar.

Authentic and Strong Chocolate Flavour taste. Rich and perfectly balanced.

Recommended for: Mochas, Latte, Cappuccino, Milkshakes, Frozen drinks, ... 

€6.60 Price


Price / piece. 

Sold in multiples of 20 pieces (whole box).

More energy in a summer dessert!

Just mix Chocolate with fresh milk and ice cubes.

  • Put the contents of the sachet with 120-140ml of milk (according to your preferences) in a blender and mix them for 15-20 seconds.
  • After mixing, pour into a glass full of ice cubes.
  • Garnish with whipped cream and grated chocolate.

It's exactly what you need on a hot, sunny day.

€0.59 Regular price €0.61 Price
Pre-Mix LEMON RANTCHO [MONIN] 1L Quick view
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  • -3%


Price / piece.

Informative: 4 pieces / box.

MONIN Lemon Rantcho is a sugar-free, pulp-free concentrate made with 50% of the best lemons from Sicily.

Practically, it is popular with bartenders who use it as a fresh lemon juice and will add a refreshing touch to a variety of cocktails as well as lemonades.

Being concentrated requires dilution!

Recommended dilution: 1 + 8.

Storage: Before opening in a clean, dry, cool place (< 25 °)

Refrigeration is required after opening the bottle.

€8.10 Regular price €8.35 Price

ICE Chocolate (Powder) Pack...

Price / piece. 

Cold Chocolate - Powder.

Keep it handy at home, at work or wherever you are and you will always be in a good mood!

Ideal for hot summer days when you feel the need to drink something sweet and invigorating. It is prepared with milk and ice for an energizing refreshment.

Preparation: mix the contents of an envelope with 120ml of cold milk or add it to a blender, together with some ice cubes.

Made in the EU

€0.47 Price


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