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Flavor Station (4 Bottles)...

This Monin Syrup Bottle stand is made out of a durable black wire.

Holds four Monin 750 ml or 1 litre bottles.

No more hunting through cabinets to find your favorite syrups.

This Monin Flavor Station Stand displays your syrups right on your counter top.

€116.47 Price
Pre-Mix LEMON RANTCHO [MONIN] 1L Quick view
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Price / piece.

Informative: 4 pieces / box.

MONIN Lemon Rantcho is a sugar-free, pulp-free concentrate made with 50% of the best lemons from Sicily.

Practically, it is popular with bartenders who use it as a fresh lemon juice and will add a refreshing touch to a variety of cocktails as well as lemonades.

Being concentrated requires dilution!

Recommended dilution: 1 + 8.

Storage: Before opening in a clean, dry, cool place (< 25 °)

Refrigeration is required after opening the bottle.

€8.10 Regular price €8.35 Price

Pre-Mix SWEET & SOUR...

Price / piece. 

Informative: 4 bottles / box.

MONIN Sweet & Sour, also called sour mix, is an essential product for your bar. In traditional bars, it is made by hand by the bartender every day. In addition to balancing drinks with a sweet and sour taste, MONIN Sweet & Sour also binds all ingredients and adds a little foam to the beverage. MONIN Sweet & Sour is a ready-to-use product made of pure sugar, Sicilian lemons and a little lime juice.

Let your guests crave it, while tasting a sour cocktail made from Pisco, bourbon or even amaretto.

€7.79 Price

Pump of 10ml for 1L PET of...

Price / piece.

This dosing pump is easily installed by threading, on the 1L PET bottles of Monin Pre-Mixes or Syrups.

It allows you to get identical doses of syrup in all your drinks without the risk of differences in taste between two preparations.

Doses 10ml of syrup or pre-mix (Sweet & Sour / Rantcho).


€15.98 Price


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