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V60 Coffee Double Wall...

Price / piece.

The Brewista Tornado Duo Dripper is a revolutionary dripper in both appearance and result.

The nerves of the funnel slow down the pour over the extraction time to give a robust and subtle taste / aroma at the same time.

With an elegant design, the tornado is an essential must-have accessory for every pour over coffee lover.

► Tornado dripper with 18 ribs for optimal extraction

► Provided with support, for easy storage

► Double walls

► Spectacular design

► Easy to clean

► 1-2 cup capacity (use filter #1)

► Paper filters are NOT included in the package

lei 239.52 Price

Barista SMART SCALE 2...

Price / piece.

Precision water-resistant scale, Brewista V.2 with 6 different operating modes.

Designed as a best-in-class tool for quality and affordability, this smart scale helps you develop coffee mastery at home.

► Rechargeable batteries via USB-C cable.

► Weighing capacity of 2000 grams (70 oz). Accuracy of 0.1 grams

► Water-resistant surface

► Automatic country

► Auto power off function

► LCD display in grams and ounces

► Includes protective tray

► Silicone pad for direct use on the espresso machine

lei 532.65 Price


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