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Price / piece.

Informative: 12 pieces / set.

Cherry Cocktail Cherries, ideal for cocktail decoration / Garnish for food or ice cream / desserts.

Amarena cherries are small and bitter (Italian - Amara), they are darker in color than normal cherries.

These cherries have been selected from the best quality cultivated in Italy and are stored in a sweet syrup.

They are ideal for cocktails such as Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Martini, etc. as well as for culinary or ice cream products.

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BAMBOO Straws - REUSABLE (Different Diameters) 6pcs Quick view
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Price / set.

The set contains 6 pieces of straw (different sizes and diameters) + 1 straw / pourer cleaning brush.

If you are thinking of serving TIKI drinks, in addition to the glasses specific to Polynesian culture, these straws are absolutely indispensable!

Besides the fact that they are made of wood - BAMBUS, ie they are completely ecological, they are also reusable (compared to plastic ones) and offer a complete experience when serving drinks, together with TIKI glasses.

Proving that it is a 100% natural product: the color, texture and diameter can differ from one straw to another.

It is recommended to wash straws before first use.


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Cocktail Garnish Pins -...

Price / set. 

Set of 10pcs.

The stainless steel cocktail picks (copper plated) are perfect for cocktail suchs Dry Martini. 

Reusable, you can pick cherries, olives, slices orange or appetizers easily.


€12.26 Price

DeLuxe ZESTER Knife

Price / piece.

Zester Knife, Metal DeLuxe model, you can cut "pill" from the peel of citrus fruits, respectively "zest"

Produced with an advanced technology, this special knife / zester uses the best quality steel, processed to high standards.

► Made of stainless steel.

► Durable metal handle.

► Can be washed in the dishwasher

Use carefully, do NOT injure yourself!

Keep out of reach of children!

€5.99 Price

Fruit Dispenser - 6...

Price / piece. 

Fruit Tray / Dispenser for fruits pieces.

With 6 compartments, that can be removed separately.

Under the compartments you can put broken ice to ensure the cooling and freshness of the cut fruit.

Equipped with a lid for maximum hygiene.


€24.98 Price

Spare Sponge Pad for GLASS...

Price / piece.

We offer you an change of sponges for Glass Rimmer, today you don't have to improvise with other sponges from a different destination ...

Enough if you change the sponge, not the Glass Rimmer!

With the help of this accessory, you can decorate the edge of the glass in just two movements, be it sugar, salt or even chocolate topping with peanut pieces.

In the three compartments you can put lime / lemon juice, sugar or salt.

Help for glazing cocktail glasses, for example: Margarita, etc ...


€1.47 Price

YARAI Atomizer [THE BARS] -...

Price / piece.

Cocktail aroma ionizer - YARAI spray. Made of glass, with vaporizer / dispenser and funnel suitable for simple refilling.

Perfect for adding flavor to food or cocktails.

If you use aromatic oils, make sure that the oil temperature exceeds + 22'C, for optimal dispersion. (Funnel included in the package)


€16.28 Price

Cocktail Stirrers with...

(€ / set of 250pcs)

Cocktail Garnish / Drink Stirrers / Swizzle Sticks.

Our beverage stirrers are just the thing to add to your drink - whether it's a cocktail or coffee - for an extra little bit of decor.

White / Multicolor (assorted) / Black

€34.24 Price

COPPER plated Tweezers...

Price / piece.

Pliers (tweezers) used to prepare cocktails in a hygienic and aesthetic way.

Stainless Steel -  Copper plated.

Quality product, only hand wash!


€12.45 Price

Vintage Atomizer [THE BARS]...

Price / piece.

Cocktail aroma atomizer - Vintage spray.

Glass body, with vaporizer / dispenser and suitable funnel for simple refilling.

Perfect for adding flavor to food or cocktails.

If you use aromatic oils, make sure that the oil temperature exceeds + 22'C, for optimal dispersion.


€23.90 Price


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