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"Gold Rim" - Tumbler glass,...

(€ / piece).

This glass with a conical shape is perfect to serve: Water, Juice, Whiskey, Strength, for breakfast in hotels, bars or restaurants.

Made of quality glass, the edge of the glass being decorated with gold paint, it is recommended both for home and for the Horeca industry because the clean glass perfectly shows the color of the drink.

Represents innovation, quality and extravagant design.

The product range contains wine glasses, tumblers and glasses for Long Drink drinks.

It is only cleaned manually, with liquid detergent!
Avoid scratching the surface!
After washing, wipe with a piece of soft cloth.
Avoid mechanical shocks of any kind !!!
FRAGILE product!

€3.35 Price

"Gold Rim" - Wine glass, 490ml

(€ / piece). 

At times it is necessary to focus on the important things, these elegant glasses are perfect for such occasions.

They bring a touch of style and elegance and offer a sophisticated atmosphere.

Find an optimal range of glasses: wine glass, tumbler and glass for Long Drink drinks.

Made of quality glass, the edge of the glass being decorated with gold paint, it is recommended both for home and for the hospitality industry, because clean glass perfectly shows the color of the drink.

It is only cleaned manually, with liquid detergent!
Avoid scratching the surface!
After washing, wipe with a piece of soft cloth.
Avoid mechanical shocks of any kind !!!
FRAGILE product!

€4.75 Price

"WET FLOOR" Indicator /...

(€ / piece)

Clearly identify and block access to damp floors. In the event of a leak, the first step should be to mark or, preferably, block the slippery area.

This can be done with a wet floor indicator.

Wet floor marking informs employees, workers and visitors about the danger of slipping and fines.

Plastic, yellow color (easy to notice).

€9.73 Price

3 Brush Glass Washer -...

Price / piece.

After adding liquid detergent on the brushes and put it in the washing water, only the dirty glasses are missing!

Thanks to the suction base, it remains firmly fixed in the sink.

It has a beneficial effect on the environment as well as on your budget.

€9.86 Price
BAMBOO Straws - REUSABLE (Different Diameters) 6pcs Quick view
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Price / set.

The set contains 6 pieces of straw (different sizes and diameters) + 1 straw / pourer cleaning brush.

If you are thinking of serving TIKI drinks, in addition to the glasses specific to Polynesian culture, these straws are absolutely indispensable!

Besides the fact that they are made of wood - BAMBUS, ie they are completely ecological, they are also reusable (compared to plastic ones) and offer a complete experience when serving drinks, together with TIKI glasses.

Proving that it is a 100% natural product: the color, texture and diameter can differ from one straw to another.

It is recommended to wash straws before first use.


€4.47 Regular price €4.65 Price

Bar Spoon TEARDROP,...

Price / piece.

This 40cm long stainless steel spoon has a dual purpose: it has a spoon end for stirring / mixing cocktails in mixing glasses and an end with a fork (trident) for a variety of purposes, including removing olives or cherries from jars. .

Bar spoons are an indispensable part of any professional or home bar.

€9.84 Price

Beer Froth SPATULA

Price / piece. 

The special spatula for removing excess beer foam is made of a white plasticized material.

Beer is best served in the range between "cold as ice" and the temperature of the "cellar" (between 12-14C).

It should be noted that pouring beer into a glass can be an art: if you prefer a fine but rich foam collar, pour the beer quickly, perpedicularly into the glass.

The most effective way to get the desired level of foam is to tilt the glass and start pouring the beer on one of its inner walls, then place the bottle perpendicularly and pour it in the center of the glass.

At the same time, it is just as important how far you hold the glass when pouring.

€4.21 Price

Beer Mug - VIKING HORN,...

(€ / piece). 

Ideal for bringing medieval flavour to your beer, this drinking horn offers a truly novel way of serving ale, cider or lager.

The elegant birch support creates the perfect atmosphere, completing this mug with a unique style.

Traditionally made of buffalo or ox horn, this contemporary glass is updated and made of glass.

The Nordic tradition can be present in your home through this Viking beer horn, ideal for organizing parties in medieval style.

€21.41 Price

BIO Straw (Paper) Thick,...

Price / set.

500-piece HoReCa package / bag.

Paper straw = a solution for companies facing a ban on plastic straw and needing environmentally friendly and sustainable options.

Paper fibers are marine-friendly and can be composted, leaving a smaller ecological footprint on Earth.

They are manufactured by highly trained and experienced professionals in a European factory, certified FSSC 22000, FSC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 in accordance with the strictest safety requirements for food packaging in the EU. 

€16.22 Price

BLUE Plasters - Assorted...

Price / set.

The set contains 100 pieces, assorted sizes.

Set of blue patches, different sizes.

Because normally the color blue is not found in food preparations (restaurant, bar, ...) it is recommended to use disposable gloves or even blue patches.

This is easily recognized if a piece reaches the finished dish ...


► Latex Free

► DO NOT expose to direct sunlight

► Sterile


€10.30 Price

Book [EN] - TEQUILA (Myth,...

Price / piece. 

Experience the mystique of tequila!

Including 40 recipes for food and drink, Tequila aims to transform the blue agave plant, grown in a single region of Mexico, into a unique and varied spirit, from blanco to reposado, to anejo.

More than just the choice and basis for margaritas, tequila is a liqueur rich in history and traditions.

Created from the distilled juice of the blue agave plant, tequila boasts a long-standing fame and a prized position in Mesoamerican society.

To properly enjoy and appreciate this drink, we must first follow its creation and development.

In Tequila, the history, manufacture, tasting and appreciation are explored in depth.

€19.20 Price

BRIFKO - Waiter's Wallet...

Price / piece. 

Quality purse made of black ecological leather (imitation).

Ideal for waiters (waiters), taxi drivers or for representatives of another profession, which requires the handling of banknotes in an organized way.

In addition to the 5 banknote pockets, 1 zippered coin pocket also has a secret compartment on the back.

The closure is cap type, in 3 positions, depending on the thickness of the purse (empty or full).

Clean with a damp cloth.

€17.00 Price

Champagne /Sparkling Wine...

Price / piece.

Stopper for sparkling drinks, so as not to lose the pressure from the opened bottles.

Great for bars, restaurants these stoppers are great for home use as well.

Made of stainless steel, this sparkling bottle stopper matches most champagne bottles and sparkling wine / Prosecco styles.

Due to its appearance / color, it also matches the trendiest Champagne bottles.


€7.00 Price

Champagne /Sparkling Wine...

Price / piece.

After opening a champagne bottle, there are cases where we have to keep the contents of the bottle cold.

The champagne cork is in your help because it maintains the carbonated content and pressure of this noble drink.


€3.86 Price

CLEANING BRUSH for Pourer...

Price / piece. 

Material: polyester, steel wire.

This fine cleaning brush is made of twisted steel wire and polyester wire.

Simply clean the dripper quickly and efficiently. Just push the brush through the pipe so that all debris can be easily removed.

After cleaning the drippers and metal straws with this brush and warm water, you will notice that the quality (taste) of the drinks will not change due to possible deposits in the pipe.

In the case of coffee machine steamers, you need to clean up any possible milk deposits.

€2.11 Price

Cocktail Garnish Pins -...

Price / set. 

Set of 10pcs.

The stainless steel cocktail picks (copper plated) are perfect for cocktail suchs Dry Martini. 

Reusable, you can pick cherries, olives, slices orange or appetizers easily.


€12.26 Price

Cocktail Stirrers with...

(€ / set of 250pcs)

Cocktail Garnish / Drink Stirrers / Swizzle Sticks.

Our beverage stirrers are just the thing to add to your drink - whether it's a cocktail or coffee - for an extra little bit of decor.

White / Multicolor (assorted) / Black

€34.24 Price

DeLuxe GIFT BOX for Wine...

(Price / set)

A bottle of wine is always a popular gift choice, but it is often difficult to wrap!

This box is lined to provide a safe and elegant way to present a bottle of wine as a gift.

Ideal for any wine lover, the box contains a selection of tools ( waiters' friend corkscrew with crown bottle opener and foil cutter, a pourer to help your aerate your wine, a wine collar to catch any drops and a stopper to help keep your wine fresh ) to help you open and serve a bottle of wine perfectly.

*Please Note: Wine bottle not included.

€17.91 Price

DeLuxe GIFT SET - Cognac &...

Price / set. 

The set contains: glass, heating holder, candle holder, gift box.

The Deluxe Cognac & Brandy heating set was created especially for those who want to enjoy a heated Cognac or Brandy (oldschool methode), on a cool evening.

Perfect for anyone who likes the fine taste of brandy, this set includes a tasting glass (Snifter) to enjoy this noble drink in the traditional style.

The holder allows you to place the glass over the candle, which will give you enough heat to reach the optimum drinking temperature.

The black wooden box (with lock) makes this set extremely presentable, as a gift for an experienced cognac connoisseur and even makes an excellent starting point for someone new to the world of hot drinks!

€30.59 Price

DeLuxe Porto Wine Set -...

(€ / set). 

The set contains: 1 decanter + 4 glasses / pipe.

Porto wine is fortified and aged in oak barrels and is filtered before bottling.

Despite its complexity, the assortment is pleasant and easy to drink.

To help you on your way to becoming a Porto wine connoisseur, the DeLuxe Port Decanter set is the perfect kit to enjoy the sweet taste of fortified wine with a few friends and enjoy the flavors.

Represents the perfect gift for Porto drinkers or elegant cocktails.

Only clean manually with liquid detergent!
Avoid scratching the surface!
FRAGILE product!
Keep out of reach of children!

€44.42 Price

DeLuxe ZESTER Knife

Price / piece.

Zester Knife, Metal DeLuxe model, you can cut "pill" from the peel of citrus fruits, respectively "zest"

Produced with an advanced technology, this special knife / zester uses the best quality steel, processed to high standards.

► Made of stainless steel.

► Durable metal handle.

► Can be washed in the dishwasher

Use carefully, do NOT injure yourself!

Keep out of reach of children!

€5.99 Price

Disposable Coffe Tray - 4...

Price / piece. 

Sold in multiples of 10 pieces.

Informative: 130 pieces / set

Made of strong pulp fiber, capacity of 4 disposable glasses 6oz - 8oz - 11oz - 12oz - 14oz.

Disposable holders are perfect for transporting hot and cold drinks.

The tray is designed with grooves that make holding your drinks easy, preventing spills.

RESISTANT AND DURABLE: Made of strong pulp fiber, unlike other thin trays, our cup holders will not fold or collapse.

Stackable design helps you to save space.

€0.23 Price

DROP STOP Ring for Wine Bottle

Price / piece.

The wine ring can be attached to the neck of any wine bottle, collecting all the drops of wine, with the inside lined with plush.

It should not be missing from the table wine set.

It's stylish and practical.

Only hand washable.

* Pictures may differ from actual product.


€3.12 Price
ERLENMAYER Shot glass / Flask 100ml, GRADED Quick view
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ERLENMAYER Shot glass /...

Price / piece.

The Erlenmeyer flask, also known as a conical cup, is a laboratory glass instrument consisting of a flat bottom, a conical body, and a cylindrical neck.

It is named after the German chemist Emil Erlenmeyer.

In bars it can have multiple attributions, from serving SHOT drinks, by serving water, to serving coffee preparations in Specialty Coffee locations.


€3.51 Regular price €3.65 Price


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