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Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 12 pieces.

Informative: 24 pieces / set.

With a simple and classic design, this mug looks perfect in any cafe, restaurant or cafe.

Equipped with a slightly curved handle for a comfortable grip and a sturdy base for a perfect balance on any table or countertop.

This cup is ideal for serving hot teas or coffees, creamy and frothy latte!

In addition, its crystal clear design allows for excellent product visibility to showcase your specialty drinks.


lei 9.41 Price
BIG TOP (Crystal) Double Old Fashion glass [NUDE] 320ml Quick view
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BIG TOP (Crystal) Double...

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

Informative: 24 pieces per box.

The Big Top collection focuses on serving and is constructed from a combination of quality materials and finishes.

Each piece has been designed with an eye towards magic, providing a joyous, sophisticated and breathtaking experience.

NUDE Big Top is made of transparent lead-free crystal etched with a linear embossed pattern.

The pure and refined silhouette is cast in clear lead-free crystal and can be paired with items from the range for a fun yet sophisticated table.


lei 21.78 Regular price lei 22.69 Price

BISTRO Martini (Y) glass...

Price / piece

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

Informative: 24 pieces per set.

This martini glass from Pasabahce has a 6.25 ounce capacity and is great for restaurants or bars.


lei 6.38 Price

BLUEBERRY Fruit Puree...

Price / piece. 

Informative: 4 pieces / box.

Their distinct, light sweetness marries with a note of acidity, making the fruit the star of aromatic mushrooms, jams and muffins.

Delicate aroma, capturing the essence of this superfruit in fragrant smoothies, cocktails, lemonades and dessert drinks.

Perfect your dishes continuously, using our banana puree, to prepare smoothies, milkshakes, cocktails, hot drinks and much more.

By mixing different fruits (purees or natural juices) we can create almost unlimited combinations, providing a wide range of soft drinks.

lei 91.72 Price

CHERRY Wood Chips for...

Price per 100ml.

Cherry sawdust recommended for "The Smoking Gun".

Ideal for smoking culinary preparations and for various cocktails.

Measuring the quantity is done with a glass measuring cup, graduated to 100ml, so the quantity ordered must be a multiple of 100ml.

DO NOT eat!!! Flammable !!! Do not use open flames near the product!!!


lei 20.92 Price
DIVERGENCE HiBall glass [LIBBEY] 360ml 827972 Quick view
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DIVERGENCE HiBall glass...

Price / piece. 

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

Divergence Hi-Ball with well-defined lines, eccentric design. 

Ergonomics, tactile and charming with an Art Deco feel.

360ml volume (Made by LIBBEY).

No air bubbles or impurities.

Transparency and special shine.

lei 21.47 Regular price lei 22.36 Price

ELEMENTS W&S (Crystal)...

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

Martini glasses painted Matt White (exterior) and Silver (interior), 240ml.

Stozle means innovation and quality. The main advantages: products without lead impurities, expressive gloss and crystalline glass.

Elegance embodied...

Made in Germany by Stölzle


lei 46.39 Regular price lei 51.55 Price

HIGHNESS Double Old...

Price / piece. 

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

Informative: 12 pcs / set.

Highness is a tempered range created for the robust demands of hospitality.

The inner rim doubling as a design feature and stackable ledge. This can save valuable space in your bar or restaurant.

Can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


lei 17.27 Price


Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

Vintage glass "Gold Rim" - HOBSTAR Long Drink / Cooler, 470ml.

The edge of the glass is painted gold.

Because the paint is applied by hand, these decorations can be different from glass to glass and can look imperfect!

Made by LIBBEY.


lei 42.66 Price
LINQ Rocks glass [LIBBEY] 266ml Quick view
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LINQ Rocks glass [LIBBEY]...

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 12 pieces.

The new Libbey creation: the LINQ Rocks series could be the premium class of stackable glasses.

Naturally, it has all the functional qualities you expect: multi-level stacking, increased resistance thanks to DuraTuff® technology, modern - contemporary design.

The shade used (GRAY, smoky) gives extra elegance to any drink.

LINQ is the stackable cup series you've been waiting for


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Price / piece.

Informative: 6 bottles / box.

Derived from maple sap, maple syrup is traditionally used in recipes, especially in pancakes and waffles.

But there are many other recipes for the delicious maple flavor. MONIN Maple Spice has a distinctive taste that exudes the rich traditional taste of maple syrup and is a perfect blend for hot and cold drinks.

A subtle hint of spice, it offers an appetite and a delightful aroma.

The aroma found is: Gingerbread with notes of cinnamon. It is perfect to combine in a latte with other syrups, such as MONIN cinnamon, or even chai.

Recommended for: Latte, Cappuccino, Ice Coffee, Juices, Martinis, Dessert Drinks.

lei 44.55 Price

Spare Part BELT STRAP 2m...

Price / piece.

The retractable tape unit can be easily mounted on the pilar, just screwing it on.

With 4-way band connection system.

Retractable belts available: Red / Black.

The tape connection system can be blocked to prevent their disconnection by unauthorized persons.

To keep the system in optimal condition, the locking system must be opened before disconnecting the belts, otherwise it may be damaged.

Length: 2m

Suitable for the HIGHFLEX system.


lei 85.81 Price
VINTAGE 1924 Cocktail Coupe glass [LIBBEY] 245ml Quick view
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VINTAGE 1924 Cocktail Coupe...

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 12 pieces.

VINTAGE 1924 Glass (RETRO) Cocktail / Champagne Coupe from Libbey, inspired by the US Prohibition era.

An elegant and sophisticated range for serving cocktails.

Volume of 245ml.


lei 36.43 Regular price lei 37.95 Price

VINTAGE 1924 Gin Tonic...

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 12 pieces.

This 1924 (VINTAGE) glass from Libbey is ideal for serving gin and tonics as well as other classic cocktails.

Big balloon to enjoy the coolness of a G&T cocktail, full of ice!

Highlight delicious creations with fresh fruit, various garnishes or decorate the edge of the glass with colored salts or sugars to enhance the tasting experience.

Volume of 620ml.


lei 37.06 Regular price lei 38.60 Price

BISTRO Water / Beer glass...

Price / piece.

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces!

Informative: 24 pieces / box.

A glass of Water must be prepared at any meal served ...

Bistro glass for Water, Juice or Beer, 385ml.


lei 6.06 Price

HIGHNESS Long Drink glass...

Price / piece. 

Sold in multiples of 6 pieces.

Informative: 12 pcs / set.

HIGHNESS is a range of tempered glasses designed to meet the special requirements of the hospitality industry.

The special design and interior supports make this glass stable. This way you can save valuable space in the bar.

Can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


lei 13.87 Price
NAPA Red Wine glass [PASABAHCE] 580ml Quick view
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NAPA Red Wine glass...

NAPA Red Wine glass [PASABAHCE] 580ml

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